Monday, 27 June 2016

EAL Magazine Pays New Writers 500 Dollars Per Feature

Early American Life Magazine encourages submissions from new writers and photographers.

The magazine cover a diversity of topics*, all centered around America from its founding through the mid-1800s:
             1) History. 2) Architecture and Decorating. 3) Antiques. 4) Studio Crafts. 5) Travel.

*Read the guidelines for more information.

Send a query before you begin writing to avoid covering a topic that has been printed in previous issues of EAL.

Writers are expected to present solid information in a readable, entertaining manner. A deft touch with a bit of humor or word play to keep things interesting, is appreciated. 

EAL has high standards for Photo Submissions. Photos must of professional quality. The minimum resolution must be 3.3 megapixels. 5 megapixels or above is preferred.

Word Length: 750 to 2500 Words (with a leeway of 10 percent)

Pay Rate: $500 or more. Payment for unsolicited manuscripts is negotiated upon acceptance. Experienced writers get paid more (negotiable). Kill fee applicable. Photography rates based on skill.

Read the complete guidelines here.
Queries can be sent to this email.

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