Thursday, 21 July 2016

Earn $200 For Cover Art

Each month, Clarkesworld Magazine features a single piece of artwork that will serve as the cover for both our online, ebook and chapbook editions of that issue. Our rights are restricted to the covers and marketing materials for an issue. All other rights remain with the artist. Payment is $200 and two copies of the chapbook. Artist's bio and link to their gallery will be posted on our website.

What We're Looking For

Genre art doesn't have to look genre. It can, but we strongly suggest that you take a look at the cover art from prior issues. These are just a few:
      Color artwork is preferred. We have bought B&W art, but it is a very hard sell.
Author names and our header will appear on all finished covers. If your art contains crucial elements that appear in these locations, it will not work for us. If we're very enthusiastic about a piece that suffers from this problem, we may ask if you'd be willing to make changes.
Landscape artwork is preferred but not required. Since we use the art for chapbook covers, landscape art should be able to stand alone when only the right half is visible.

      Artwork must be available in a 300dpi .tif. Landscape covers measure 11" wide by 8.5" high. Artwork for covers must include a 1/4" bleed. Do not crop your own artwork if it goes outside these margins.

      Artwork must not suffer when resized. This sounds funny, but since we are using the cover on the website and on the chapbooks, we are working with very different dimensions and need pieces that work in both. If your amazingly cool image looks muddy at 250 pixels high, it won't work for us.

Submissions Process Guidelines

      Artists interested in submitting their work for consideration should send the URL for their online gallery or portfolio to Neil Clarke ( We will confirm receipt of your email, but will not follow up with you unless we are interested in a particular piece. Please do not send us update notices about your gallery more than once every two months.

Word Limit: 1000-16000 words, no more, no less.
Pay Rate: 10¢ per word for the first 5000 words, 8¢ for each word over 5000
Genres: Science fiction and fantasy
Language: English (We accept stories from all over the world. Translations are welcome.)
Rights: We claim first world electronic rights (text and audio), first print rights (author must be willing to sign copies), and non-exclusive anthology rights for our annual Clarkesworld anthology. 

Stories must be:
      Well-written. Language is important. There is no distinction between "style" and "substance" or "story" and "writing."
      Convenient for on-screen reading. Very long paragraphs or typographical trickery may work against you. Suitable for audio. Stories should be equally effective, but not necessarily the same, in text and audio formats.
      Science fiction need not be "hard" SF, but rigor is appreciated. Fantasy can be folkloric, contemporary, surreal, etc. Horror can be supernatural or psychological, so long as it is frightening. There are no barriers as to levels of profanity, gore, or sexuality allowed, but high amounts of profanity, gore, and sexuality are generally used poorly. Be sure to use them well if you do use them.

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